How Prospr Health Works

tldr: you get paid for being healthy. your doctors and insurance provider are in on it too. Sign up here!

Healthcare should treat people. Not symptoms.

You are more than elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure or overweight. You’re you! You have wants, needs, motivators and de-motivators. Unfortunately, once you enter the healthcare system, nobody seems to care. Your doctor cares about your health, but telling you what you already know isn’t going to help you solve the problem. Your insurance provider also cares about your health, but the bottom line is… well… it’s their bottom line. They won’t take the time to help you out either if it doesn’t grow their profits.

That’s where we come in.

Prospr Health aligns you, your doctor and your insurance company in the same direction - towards improving your health. When you get healthy your doctor and your insurance provider get happy.

Did we mention you get paid too? here’s how it works


It’s literally that simple. Check out how Simon and Naomi worked with Prospr to get fit and earn cash and watch our video below!