Frequently Asked Questions


Can I set my own goals?

Right now, we’re leaving all goal setting to the medical professionals.  We want to make sure the goals you’re working towards are achievable and don’t put you at risk.  Keep your eyes peeled for a feature coming out soon, where we’ll let you submit goals to your doctor to approve.

How much money can I make through prospr health?

It depends on how large your goal is, where your starting from, and which health insurance provider you work with. That being said, we’ve worked hard to make sure the rewards are worth it, and that you get paid as you make progress, as well as with an achievement bonus once you hit your goal. Once you set a goal, the financial value of that reward will be shown in the app dashboard.

How does my doctor verify my progress?

To verify progress and goal achievement, you’ll have to make an appointment with your doctor.  Someone in their office with access to the doctor account will then verify what you’ve done, which will trigger an automatic payment.  It may be annoying at first to set an appointment, but we’re working with your insurance provider to make sure the payouts are worth the time and effort!  Keep your eyes peeled for a new verification methods. 


Do I get paid more when I achieve my goal?

Yes!  Prospr Health makes sure you get paid as you make progress towards your goal AND that you get a nice pay out once you cross the finish line.  Pay outs will vary based on how large the goal was, your weight beforehand, and your insurance provider, but we do our best to make sure it’s worth it.  Your progress and achievement payouts will be displayed in your dashboard, so you know exactly what you’re working towards.


How long after progress verification do I get paid?

When your progress and goal achievements are verified, our platform automatically sends a signal to your insurance provider, letting them know you’re on your way towards improving your health and lowering your cost to them.  That message also tells them exactly how much to pay you.  We aim to get money moving to you within a few minutes.  The payouts should always be in your bank account within a maximum of 24 hours – if not much sooner.


Are there resources available to help me achieve my goals?

Yes!  We have a health blog with new posts each week.  Posts cover things like healthy habits, easy workout plans, meal plans, tips on emotional well-being, and general self-care.  We also send bi-weekly newsletters out with similar content to make sure you have everything you need to achieve your goals and get paid while you do it.


Can health goals other than weight loss be set?

Right now, Prospr Health is focusing on weight loss as our primary goal metric.  Keep your eyes peeled for new metrics coming out soon though!  We’ll be introducing things like cholesterol, blood pressure, A1C and others.

is prospr health hipaa compliant?

Yes! Our databases are fully protected with industry standard protocols to make sure your data is safe and secure. We don’t share anything with anyone except your doctor - who’s already allowed to see your data.