Insurance Providers: a little cash now, a lot of savings later.


Why prospr?

Prospr Health aligns patients, doctors and insurance providers towards the same goal - long term physical and financial health for the entire ecosystem.

  1. Patients want to be healthy to improve their quality of life.

  2. Doctors want patients to be healthy because… well… it’s their job.

  3. Health insurance providers want patients to be healthy because healthy patients are less likely to require expensive procedures and medications.

Each of these groups know that patient health is important, yet 1 in 3 Americans is obese, heart disease is the number one killer in the country, and life expectancy is declining for the first time since we started keeping track.

Prospr Health wants to inject some energy into the equation with cold hard cash.

Insurance providers would pay cash rewards for progress and achievement of doctor set and verified goals. By paying up front and incentivizing patients to be healthy and lower their risk of needing expensive procedures and medications, providers can lower the likelihood of large payouts down the road. The average obese adult costs ~$3500 more than an adult with a healthy BMI. Prospr Health wants to improve these patient's’ quality of life, and reduce associated medical costs at the same time.

Once patients achieve their health goals and enter a lower risk pool, we’ll encourage doctors to place them on a maintenance plan, where they’ll be paid to keep up the good work, preventing the yo-yo effect. If patients do become unhealthy again, by any measure, they cannot earn rewards for improving the same health metric twice.

Prospr Health has our own algorithm to determine the payout amount for each health metric we include in our program, but we also allow insurance providers to develop and use their own.

Interested in cutting costs and helping your patients live healthier lives?