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Preventative goals

You want to be healthy. Your doctor wants you to be healthy. Your health insurance provider want you to be healthy. Heck, everybody wants you to be healthy. The longer you stay out of shape, the higher your risk of expensive complications, and the lower your quality of life becomes.

We know it’s hard to get into gear, so Prospr Health designed our preventative goals to inspire you to take serious action. When you sign up for Prospr Health and set a goal with your doctor, we put cash in your pocket for every inch of progress you make towards your goal. When you achieve it for good, you even get a bonus!

Here’s an example:

Simon is 32 years old and used to swim all the time. Since he graduated college though, he hasn’t had the time to keep up with his exercise. He’s put on a few pounds, has been feeling lethargic and isn’t happy with the way he looks.

Simon heard about Prospr Health through social media and signed up. He went to his doctor and they decided to set a weight loss goal of 30 pounds. With the help of Prospr Health, Simon found the right tools and inspiration to lose the weight and 8 months later at his checkup, Simon’s doctor verified that he achieved his goal! 5 seconds later, Simon got an email from Prospr Health, letting him know that his cash reward was on it’s way to his bank account.


what to do now?

  1. Download our app, or sign up here

  2. Give your doctor a call and set up an appointment

  3. Set a goal with your doctor - they’ll log it into Prospr Health

  4. You’re ready to make some money!


maintenaince goals

You’re amazing. You realized you needed to make a change in your life and you took action and did it! Prospr Health gave you and your doctor the tools to identify an area of improvement, set an achievable goal, and the incentive to actually reach it. But now what? We’ve all heard of the yo-yo effect - where people bounce between being fit and unfit. But you’re not worried, because Prospr Health has another goal for you.

Prospr Health knows that it’s tough to maintain what you’ve just accomplished, so we’re throwing in some more cash to inspire you to put the work in. Maintenance goals are time based - not progress based. Now, for every month you keep up the good work and stay within healthy limits, you’ll get paid on a pro-rated basis.

Here’s an example:

Naomi has spent the last 3 months eating right, doing pilates and achieving her preventative goal she set with her doctor. As she’s walking out of her doctor’s office where she just verified her accomplishment she gets an email - who could it be? You guessed it. Prospr Health wants to let her know she’s now eligible for a maintenance goal. Now, for every month she keeps up the good work, she gets paid.

A year later, she goes to her annual physical and her doctor checks in to see that Naomi has stayed with her routine and has remained within healthy limits. Her doctor verifies her achievement and Naomi receives an immediate cash payment of 12 months x her maintenance monthly rate! It pays to achieve your goals AND to stick with them!


What to do now?

  1. To be eligible for a maintenance goal, you have to complete a preventative goal.

  2. Sign up to get started!